Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just another one of God's blessings

Over the weekend, our little pooch Molly was struggling to use her hind legs. She was pretty wobbly and could only walk a few steps before sitting down. After 2 vet appointments (1 with the emergency vet & 1 with her regular vet), we took her to the animal hospital here in Pittsburgh. She was immediately admitted then transfered to their neurology department. She underwent x-rays which uncovered a ruptured disc in her spine. After a MRI confirmed the rupture, she was sent directly into surgery.

The surgeon told us that she had a relatively mild rupture even though it was large. The surgery was a success and she is in the process of recovering. She is still unable to walk normally but her mobility will return as she heals. She has a month long recover ahead of her. Her activity will be restricted which will be a challenge. She is a very playful and rambunctious little dog but we will do our best.

We feel so blessed that our little munchkin is on her way to recovery and thankful for all the wonderful treatment at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialist. They have truly exceeded our expectations. It is comforting to know that they are there if anything would happen in the future. We thank God for keeping her calm and relaxed. Molly has a bit of anxiety but seems to be doing very well through this entire ordeal.

She will be weened off of IV meds today. If all goes well, we will be bringing her home tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who kept Molly in their thoughts and prayers over the last few days. It really meant a lot to Ron and I.


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