Saturday, August 31, 2013

Admitting you have a problem is your first step to recovery

I love thrifting.

I love Craigslist.

I love going to garage sales and estate sales.

There I've said it. I have an addiction. Mostly to second hand furniture. I just love find fabulous well built furniture and, of course, getting it for a steal of a price. Many of the pieces in the Coperich residence is second hand. Some of it comes from our grandparents but some of it comes from things I pick up here and there.

Here are some of the things I've picked up recently.

Rolling cart that will be Ron's bar cart

Goodwill find

Got this massive mirror for free!

Gorgeous dresser

Gold Mirror from an estate sale

Farmhouse buffet. It needs work but it is beautiful

Cherry dining table with 6 chairs
I also picked up some gold candle sticks, 2 ornate mirrors, a twin mattress & box springs (for my mom), a sewing cabinet, 2 brand new lamp shades and a small gold eagle mirror.

The only problem with my addiction is that we have more furniture than our 2 bedroom ranch should have. Oh well. Ron will appreciate it some day when we move to a bigger house and don't need to buy much!

So what is on deck for this weekend.... Well, we don't have any races but we do have a 20 mile training run tomorrow. I'm hoping we can get our miles in before it gets too hot. Second, we have lots of home projects on our 'to do' list that we want to get done. Priority number one is a patio. Yep, we are putting in a patio all by ourselves. I can't wait to see how it turns out.  But I'll post more about that later.


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