Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a typical Saturday at the Nuthouse

Many of you don't know but Ron and I are big DIY'ers. Call us cheap thirfty but we would much rather get our hands dirty then to wait for a trained professional to fit us into their schedule and get the work done for us. Most of the time, we plan out our projects ahead of time. But sometimes we (or I mostly mean me) decide to do things on a whim. For example, we (again, I mean me) decided to paint our dining room Saturday night. I was taking the extra leaf out of the dining room table and doing a little cleaning when I decided to move the china cabinet to the other side of the room. Nothing major right? Well after I emptied it, I realized that it would be super easy to just go ahead and paint the walls. We don't have much in our dining room and the china cabinet is the most immobile piece in the room.

So I gave Ron a call and asked if he wanted to help me paint the dining room. Mind you, it was already 2:00 PM on a Saturday afternoon and Ron had just spent the last 4 hours helping someone move. Luckily, he said yes. So I quickly got my act together and went to get paint. The local paint store closed at 3:00 so I needed to be quick. After another stop at Lowes for a few supplies, I was home and ready to paint. I had most of the prep work done before Ron even got home.

Sounds great right? Well lets just say that Ron wasn't too thrilled with my paint choice. It was a steel blue gray color and he was worried it would look off next to the turquoise kitchen. We decided to go ahead and paint the room anyway figuring that I already bought the paint and technically we woulc always repaint the kitchen. (We liked the dining room color more than the kitchen so we figured that would be the room to repaint).

Five hours later, we had a brand new dining room. We didn't paint the ceilings because they looked pretty good already. The baseboards could probably use a new coat of paint but neither of us felt like it was a 'must do right now' project. So we will hold off until we can paint both the dining room and living room together.

And that's how it works. Sometimes the only way to get stuff done is to cram a little DIY project into an otherwise relaxing Saturday evening.


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